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About Designer

Sulakshana Monga’s creations are manifestations of art, immaculate craftwork, and impeccable fit. She vessels the soft power of silhouettes into exceptionally intriguing pieces that convey class and luxury. The eponymous label aims to blend classic with contemporary.

Romancing with the idea of old European fashion and tapping into the rich cultural legacy of India the designer embeds threads of innovation, bridging gaps between modern and conventional. Her signature pieces exude sensual charm with sharp cuts, meticulous craftsmanship, elaborate embroidery and elegant embellishments.

Brands creativity has been driven by the use of traditional handwork, luxurious textiles, bold cuts and painterly patterns. While art is eternal and fashion ephemeral, blending the two always results in playful, eclectic creations by the curator. The label aims to flawlessly combine western sensibilities with Indian ethos to create fashion for those young at heart. Taking local, global, Sulakshana Monga with every piece of hers, from exquisite gowns to flamboyant bridal wear, lends a distinct dose of homage to heritage.